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Outsmarting the Scammers - Helping Seniors Fight Fraud


Outsmarting the Scammers – Helping Seniors Fight Fraud will educate listeners on what to watch for, steps to take to avoid being scammed, and what to do if you are a victim of fraud. Partnering with the Prince Edward County Detachment of the OPP, The Prince Edward County Community Care for Seniors Association, and the Municipality of the County of Prince Edward, County FM has created this six-part documentary series as a public service in response to a growing problem.

The series, narrated by Wendy Mesley, each week explores a common type of scam, hear compelling experiences from victims and their families, and provide tips for prevention. Some names of those interviewed have been changed at their request.

The Production Team for 99.3 County FM: Scripts by Astrid Young, Interviews by Renay Weissman-Stanners, Brenda Little, Ken Palmer, Krista Hepburn, Craig Mills. Narration Wendy Mesley, introduction by Jim JJ Johnston, Music Dustin Crenna; Producer Dave Wheatley, Production Assistant Gage Broaderick, other production and research, Gillian Carson, Helen Morris, Gage Broderick, Dave Wheatley, Craig Mills, Lorraine Wilson, and Sheri Girvan.

99.3 County FM’s radio series “Outsmarting the Scammers – Helping Seniors Fight Fraud” is funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.

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