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The True North Sessions


Join Vanessa Pandos and Canadian music industry icon and founder of True North records, Bernie Finkelstein, as they celebrate, dive into, and bring Canadian music, lore and lyrics to life in the “True North Sessions”.

Session 1 introduces Bernie Finkelstein, his love of skiffle music and Bob Dylan, working with his first band, and an introduction to the Yorkville music scene. (first aired September 25, 2023)

Session 2 musically walks us through the coffee houses in Yorkville in the ‘60s. (first aired October 23, 2023)

Session 3 has Bernie taking us from enthusiastic music lover to managing his first band. A band that Bob Dylan’s manager, Albert Grossman, touted as the biggest thing since The Beatles. A band that perhaps you’ve never heard of ….The Paupers. (first aired November 20, 2023)

Session 4 sees the rise of the band Kensington Market, the fall of Yorkville, and Bernie moving to the country. (first aired December 4, 2023)

Session 5 finds Bernie starting a record company. How the heck do you do that? Well, Bernie starts with Bruce Cockburn. (first aired January 8, 2024)

Session 6 shines a spotlight on Murray Mclauchlan, whose first album, Bernie says, is one of the great joys of his career. (first aired February 5, 2024)

Session 7 takes us into the 70’s where Bruce and Murray find their stride, and True North finds?... Dan Hill. (first aired March 11, 2024)

Session 8 wraps up the 70’s with Bernie signing the greatest band he’d seen in Toronto… ever! (first aired April 8, 2024)

Session 9 dives deep into Rough Trade, and the not-so-savoury past of Canadian radio. (first aired May 6, 2024)

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