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Voices from the Past:
A Retrospective from Prince Edward Heights


The series explored the history of Prince Edward Heights, a former institution for people with intellectual disabilities. This six-part series, an original 99.3 County FM production, shared the story of “The Heights,” recording the facility in PEC history. The idea for this unique project was introduced by Suzanne Pasternak, a gifted storyteller who spent over 33 years collecting oral histories from across Eastern Ontario. Hear the voices of the people who lived and worked on the Heights from 1971 to 1999 when the Heights closed. The series was funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizon’s for Seniors Program.

List of Episodes

Episode 1 – A journey of resilience and perseverance with stories told directly from those who lived in this revolutionary community.

Episode 2 – Hear from JJ Johnson and Shirley Alan, former Staff members’ kids who grew up at “The Heights” and took summer job placements.

Episode 3 – Hear from one of the Heights physicians Dr. Andrew Janikowski and former Heights Administrator Rick Williams.

Episode 4 – Follow the stories of staff and clients as they leave the Heights and move into the community including the famous Fish Lake Farm.

Episode 5 - Hear the stories of three young, enthusiastic and idealistic employees who were there at the Heights when the doors were first opened in 1970 and 1971 until the doors were permanently closed in the end of the 1990’s.

Episode 6 – The final episode with stories from Margret Young, Kim Inch and series producer Suzanne Pasternak.

The Voice Of The County

Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada